Inspire Actors was founded in 2016 by Michael Keogh.

With twenty years of experience behind him, Michael has not only appeared in some of the UK’s best dramas, but has shared screen-time with the likes of Michael Caine, Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy.

Having now turned his hand to film direction, Michael’s first two shorts (‘Underwater’, winner of the SCAD Savannah Film Festival Best Global Short, and ‘The Road to Gehenna’, recipient of four awards for drama and cinematography in the USA, Canada and Europe) have been well-received by critics and viewers alike.

A lifelong student of acting, Michael went to great lengths to study the primary practitioners of the art – Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler and Strasberg – and concluded that the ever-present common denominator in all effective performance was ‘intention’.  Intention drives the scene.  Intention was the catalyst for the emotion.

In formulating the Inspire Technique, Michael worked for many years to remove the confusions and complexities so often encountered by those pursuing the craft.  The result has proven – time and time again – to be one of the most comprehensive and effective approaches to the teaching of acting.

The Inspire method comprises both scripted and improvisational techniques, each working hand-in-hand with the other.

With classes and workshops in Manchester and Birmingham, Inspire Actors Studio offers a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, thoroughly effective means by which you can reach the very highest level of ability as an actor.




Hope Mill Community Hub

Hope Mill Theatre

125-133 Pollard Street


M4 7JB

Tuesdays 4pm - 7pm 

 7:30pm - 10:30pm


The Lampworks

1-4 Key Hill Drive

Jewellery Quarter


B18 5NY

Mondays 4pm - 7pm


7:30pm - 10:30pm




Inspire Actors is one of the most energising, positive and empowering places you’ll ever practise your trade - FACT! I always leave knowing that I’ve learnt something more about myself on every level and, for me, that’s truly priceless.



Inspire Actors is not just another acting class - it is so much more - motivational, positive and encouraging. A place where actors get great support giving them confidence to try out new things and work on the techniques to hone skills  - creating fantastic scenes in a supportive environment with scripts written specifically for Inspire classes or working on Improvisation which a lot of actors shy away from  - Inspire actors create magic from Nothing   -  Come along and see for yourselves - it has an effect on everyone who witnesses it



I joined Inspire Actors in Birmingham in January 2019. In the time I have been there, I have gained a confidence in my ability as an actor that I could never have dreamed. I have seen improvisation that you would have thought were written by the best screen writers, from nothing but an intention. The Inspire reputation is growing and people in the industry are taking notice. What are you waiting for, what do you have to lose. Give it a try and join the nicest and most generous people you could ever wish to meet.



If I was asked to explain Inspire acting classes in one word I would say Electricfying. I have been attending the Manchester classes for just over a year now and I would say that has been one of the best decisions I have made in my acting career. Inspire has broken down my limiting beliefs I had about myself and has helped me with my self esteem. I have learnt so much about myself as a person in these classes. I walk away from every class thinking not only was that amazing but I can apply what I have learned tonight to every area of my life not just my acting career. I have developed a brand new love for my craft and a whole new confidence.




One thing that stood out to me about Michael from my very first taster session was the belief and excitement he restored in me and my own ability as an actor. He made me realise that I do not have to put myself in a box and allow others to tell me what I can/ can’t achieve- I decide this. The difference in my confidence when getting up to perform a scene from this time last year is astounding, and I only have Michael and his simple technique of ‘intention’ (which he drills into you from the very first class) to thank for this. Since joining Inspire, I have gained myself an agent and have recently just arrived back from Prague having wrapped on my very first professional job for Netflix.



I had been out of the acting world for some time but found the 'bug' again. So I decided to find a place where I could be creative and be me. After taking a taster session and examining the way Michael works, I was 100% in. It was the best acting decision I've made to date. It's more than just about learning and practising screen craft at Inspire. It's about the warmth and inclusivity when you walk into class. It's about the positive and inspiring style of coaching Michael applies, and the permission to try new things, knowing that it's a safe environment to fail. I could go into detail on how classes are delivered and what you'll learn, but you really need to experience it for yourself. It'll be the best decision you've made for your flourishing acting career.



"No statue was ever erected to a critic"

Jean Sibelius



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